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Population Policy Manual

Population Policy Manual is a compendium of selected laws and regulations issued by the Philippine Government. Four volumes were developed to respond to the need for consolidating systematically all existing population and population-related policies.


Volume 1 presents all policy statements promulgated by the government and the cooperating agencies that have direct and indirect influence upon the population program.

Volume 2 presents the compilation of all statutes, decrees, executive orders, proclamations and other Presidential issuances, department/ministry memoranda and circulars promulgated to promote the population program and strengthen its implementation.


Volume 3 is a compilation of selected laws and regulations issued by the Philippine Government after the adoption of the 1972 Revised Population Act of the Philippines (P.D. 79).


Volume 4 contains selected sectoral population-related laws and regulations that are classified into seven (7) parts namely Reproductive Health and Family Planning, Urbanization, Land Use and Migration, Human Resource Development, Gender and Development, Water Resource Management, Food Security and others.

The importance of these volumes cannot be overemphasized. In the first place, they are historical documents that trace the evolution of the national consciousness regarding the various population and population-related issues and concerns. Secondly, these volumes will serve as reference materials for population managers, decision-makers, fieldworkers and other program stakeholders in their efforts to respond to the needs of Filipino through the Philippine Population Management Program.

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